Empower Upper School

Our Program

At Empower Upper School our instructional program is based on the belief that all students can meet high expectations when provided the right environment and resources to achieve.

We work hand-in-hand with our families to prepare our students for success in high school, college, and beyond.

Serving students in grades 6 through 8, Empower Upper School is located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (CSD 17).

School Highlights

  • Our Common Core aligned curricula emphasizes critical thinking and rigor, helping our students develop the skills they need for college-preparatory high schools.
  • Our High School Placement Coordinator works with each 8th grader to help them find college-preparatory high schools aligned to their unique interests and needs. 

  • Our students participate in a wide array of enrichment activities — including art, dance, music and physical education weekly.

Meet The Team 

At Empower Upper School our leadership team is a group of committed educators:

Principal: Awo Busumsi
AP, Operations: Veronica Woolley
Academic Coordinator:  Janelle Baker
Academic Coordinator: Nicole Saxman
Academic Manager: Avery Cowden 
Support Services Coordinator: James Wadley
Dean of Students: Skye Bailey

Fast Facts

157 Students

Grades 6-8

CSD 17, Crown Heights Brooklyn

Opened in 2009

“Explore Schools is a place where I go to escape all the drama outside, where I can learn to the best of my ability every single day, and where I can do the best I can do and reflect on my own progress. “

– Chrysto, Empower Charter School Student

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