Empower Lower School

Our Program

Our instructional program is based on the belief that all students can meet high expectations when provided the right environment and resources to achieve.

At Empower, we work to create a nurturing community, working closely with families to recognize each student as an individual.

Empower Lower Charter School is a K–5 public school in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (CSD 17).

School Highlights

  • Our Common Core aligned curricula emphasizes critical thinking and rigor, helping our students develop the skills they need for college-preparatory high schools.
  • Our school day and year are extended to provide students with 25% more instructional time than a traditional public school.
  • Our students participate in a wide array of enrichment activities — including dance, music, and physical education weekly.

Meet The Team 

At Empower Lower School our leadership team is a group of committed educators:


Principal: Jonathan Carrington

Principal Resident: Tracey Louis

Director of Operations: Dominique Stone-Maddix 

Director of Operations Resident: Shanice Speight

Academic Director (K-2): Shenaille Beckley

Special Populations Coordinator: Chloe Richardson

Dean of Students: Jaja Bey


Fast Facts

277 Students

Grades K-5

CSD 17, Crown Heights Brooklyn

Opened in 2009

“Explore Schools means a brighter future and a good education. It means teachers who try their best to help prepare me for high school and beyond.”

– Allie, Empower Student

All Lower Schools – Contact Information

Explore Lower

Located at:
655 Parkside Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226

Email: Maria Gongaza, DOOR here.
Phone: (718) 703-4484

Empower Lower

Located at:
188 Rochester Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213

Email: Dominique Stone-Maddix, DOO here.
Phone: (718) 771-2090

Excel Lower

Located at:
1077 Remsen Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11236

Email: Denys Salas, DOO here.
Phone: (718) 303-3245

Exceed Lower

Located at:
443 St. Marks Ave, Brooklyn NY, 11238

Email: Caitlan Davidson, DOO here.

Phone: (347) 609-3918

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